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CONTACT INFO: 973-986-0635

Review # 1

I have known Kimberly several years and have used her service for different legal needs. I found her to be professional, dedicated, and thorough. She goes above and beyond what most attorneys do for their clients. I would strongly recommend her.

Review # 2

Ms. Tyler recently handled my bankruptcy case. She was able to resolve my financial problems in a short time. She walked me through each step of the process by explaining what to expect. Ms. Tyler, thank you for all your help.

Review # 3

Kimberly Tyler was my attorney when I filed for bankruptcy. I had no problems by communicating with her or contacting her even though you had to text her because she was in court a lot. When she got out of court she calls right back after court so I never had any problems with her. I would recommend to anyone as well as I recommended her to my mom and family.

Review #4

She represented me in my bankruptcy case 7 years ago and I have not had any problems with my credit since. She is very competent.

Review # 5

Ms. Tyler has handled several different cases for me and all has worked out well.

Review # 6

Kim handled my bankruptcy about 6 years ago and last year I was able to purchase a home. She‘s the best.

Review #7

Kim is great at her job. Kim has always returned my calls quickly. Kim always keeps me in the loop on the status of my case.

Review #8

As anyone knows filing for bankruptcy is never a easy decision. Kimberly Tyler made it easy for me. While other lawyers wanted as much money as they can get from me as such a rough time in my life, Ms. Tyler was reasonable in her price. She communicated with me and made me feel comfortable.

Review # 9

Hi, my lawyer Kimberly S. Tyler was and still is very proactive with getting me out of debt. Ms. Tyler has gotten back money that was garnished and she has also helped me when I wasn‘t able to pay my (filing) fee. She did a great job as my lawyer in getting me out of debt. I still call her for legal advice with my bankruptcy.

Review #10

Kimberly is a good person to do business with. She has your back no matter what. She is an angel, an angel. God Bless.

Review #11

Kimberly I Tyler is an awesome Lawyer and freed me from my debt!. Thanks again, Kim

Review # 12

I have used Kim for her legal expertise in the past and have found her to be extremely professional and prompt. What impressed me the most about Kim is that she informed me of ‘all’ my options (good and /or bad) and that allowed me to make the best decision for me. She also took the time to lay out the potential outcomes of each scenario to appropriately set my expectations. Kim proactively kept me informed on how things were going and did what she could to alleviate my fears. I have recommended Kim to others and they were equally as happy. I hope I won’t need an attorney in the near future, but if I do, I will contact Kim once again.

Review # 13

I would give Kim many more stars if I could. I was referred to her by a friend, and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She was always available to answer my questions and provide would advise sound advice at an incredibly reasonable price. I was extremely stress out during the whole process, and Kim was always patient and compassionate. I have referred her to other friends and will continue to do so Highly recommended.

Review # 14

My experience with Ms. Tyler has been pleasant and professional thus far. I’m still in the beginning stages and look forward to the completion of my bankruptcy proceedings.

Review # 15

I come to know Kimberly a few years back and needing help with filing bankruptcy. Although it seems as if things was not going to happen… she came through for me. I’ve been discharged from my financial debts through her efforts to finalize this case. Thanks to God and Kimberly Tyler, I was glad to hear the word, “DISCHARGED”. 

 Review # 16

My husband and I retained Ms. Tyler to complete a BK and she was so helpful. Kimberly or Kim (is her preferred name) has us debt free in 4 months. I would gladly obtain her services again.

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